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What does the NRA have in Common with the Catholic Church?

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First of all, I want to state right up front that I a neither a gun fanatic nor am I a gun-hater. I believe that the lawful citizen has the right to bear arms. Hunting and recreational shoot are fine sports. I have no problem with either one. For myself, I handled enough firearms in the military to last me a long, long time, and well, I’m just too lazy to hunt. You have to practice, and get up way too early, usually in weather that is just too cold. It’s not for me.

I am glad, however,  that there are lobby groups such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) to protect the rights of sportsmen.

And it seems that the lobby arm of the NRA has been pretty busy lately. And successful.

The Obama administration said Wednesday it will not impose new restrictions on recreational shooting on public lands, a Thanksgiving gift for thousands of gun owners and hunters concerned about a draft plan to limit target shooting near residential areas.

The policy, proposed this summer, could have closed millions of acres of federal land to gun use, a prospect that caused alarm among gun owners, particularly in the West, where target shooting on public land is a longtime tradition. Hunting season for deer and other game begins around Thanksgiving in many states.

The involvement of the NRA is supposed by myself and most others because the organization has the resources and clout to get the job done, even if it was in an advisory capacity to The Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, the group credited with the success in getting the administration to back down.
I don’t have a problem with that. They stood up for what they and their members believe in and that is what a good lobby group does.
The “membership” in the Catholic Church is certainly impressive enough to have the same affect with this administration, but that it seems is where the comparison to the NRA must end.
While the Church certainly has a well-defined moral, social and ethical doctrine, its “members” lack the cohesiveness displayed by the members of the NRA.
Church leadership is strong and unwavering in its stance for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and against same sex marriage, against abortion and for the religious liberty of not only all of her members, but indeed for all of America.
The average member of the NRA, upon hearing that the Obama administration wants to close some public lands to firearm use was immediately willing to confront and be vocal about it.
The average Catholic, when faced with removal of religious liberties, promotion of abortion and its public funding and the removal of DOMA is, sadly, indifferent at best.
We can blame poor training in the basics of the faith. We can blame the Clergy for not using the pulpit concerning our social and moral teachings. We can blame society, television and all of their friends, but none of that matters. It is all in the past.
If we wish to protect the future we must act in the present.
To be sure, there are many, many, MANY Catholic Americans who do care, who are enraged and are very vocal.
Catholics should indeed be the moral voice of this country as we enjoy the fullness of truth. This administration is not going to back peddle on DOMA, religious liberty and abortion.  If anything they are intensifying their efforts to push their agendas full speed ahead.
If the status of the conscience of our Catholics in and out of the pews is left unchanged, it is our fault, my fault and the fault of every person who has a public pulpit, a blog, a Twitter account and a Facebook page.
Spark a conversation, act in charity and make a difference.

Author: icelmcreek

Ordained in 2001 and currently serving the parishes of Immaculate Conception, Elm Creek, NE and her missions, Holy Rosary in Overton, NE and St. John Capistran in Amherst, NE.

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