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Did Jesus Come to Aboilsh Religion?

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This video on YouTube has had over 17,000,000 hits.    That’s huge!

Unfortunately, this young man has his facts all goofed up.  He claims that the reason Jesus came was to abolish religion. Hard to swallow, as Jesus Himself was an ardent follower of a religion.Clever rhyme? …. yes.   Well produced…. you bet.   All flash and no substance.

Here’s one Deacon’s take.

Just a podcast… no slick production, just the facts.

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Author: icelmcreek

Ordained in 2001 and currently serving the parishes of Immaculate Conception, Elm Creek, NE and her missions, Holy Rosary in Overton, NE and St. John Capistran in Amherst, NE.

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