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Will they ever get it right?

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I do not promote the CBLDF, but theirs was the most readable of graphics, which actually makes sense when you google them.

I do not promote the CBLDF, but theirs was the most readable of graphics, which actually makes sense when you Google them.

The major media outlets will likely never get it right. I pray they will, but experience has shown me otherwise. even Fox, who should understand the issue at stake is missing the point here.

Of course the economy is still an issue that is on everyones political mind, and history has shown that, over and over again, the state of the economy has both made and mangled presidential candidates.

But please….PLEASE…. hear….. this:

It’s not about birth control, it’s not about abortion, it’s not about culture, it’s not about ideology, it’s not about Democrats or Republicans, it’s not about religious preferences and no matter how hard some people try, it’s not about women’s health……. and it is absolutely not a social issue. “It’s The Constitution, Stupid!”

The First Amendment was designed to keep the government from messing around in areas they don’t belong. We pretty much based the War of Independance on keeping government out of religion, the press, speech and assembly.  It’s the First Amendment precisely because our founding fathers knew that without these limitations on government, without these freedoms for individuals and groups of citizens, we will have tyranny.

Tyranny is the direction we are possibly heading and the press, in all of its forms, will play a critical role in maintaining our freedoms or supporting the downfall of the Great Experiment that is the United States.

Let’s get the issue right.

In an election about the economy, the culture wars make a comeback

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