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Oh, Food Nazis

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Queen of the Food Nazis

The mother, who was not identified in the report, expressed concern about school officials telling her daughter that she wasn’t “packing her lunch box properly.”

The real issue here is that the state took away her lunch and replaced it with a slightly healthier version of a Happy Meal!

The idea was to suppliment her original lunch to make up for missing nutritional content. The school has to provide a healthy lunch, the story says. So they took the childs whole stinkin’ lunch!

Mom, I am sure, did the best she could with what she had and giving her child food that she wanted and would actually eat.

Then they had the nadz to charge Mom for the use of the tray. Really?


What’s next? Jeez.

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Author: icelmcreek

Ordained in 2001 and currently serving the parishes of Immaculate Conception, Elm Creek, NE and her missions, Holy Rosary in Overton, NE and St. John Capistran in Amherst, NE.

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