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Where is the apology now, Mr. President?

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What, and no Christians shot Muslims over this? (OK…. that was not meant to be taken seriosly….so don’t flame me….. jeez) 

The point I am trying to make is that we burn Korans and American citizens  die, The President and the US Governments fall over themselves apologizing, it’s an international disgrace…. but Bible burning doesn’t raise eyebrows…. come-on!

How has it come to this?

They burned the Bible.

In 2008 American troops confiscated, threw away, and burned God’s Word at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The Bibles were written in the Pashto and Dari languages, and the Defense Department was concerned the books might somehow be used to convert Afghans. Read more:


Author: icelmcreek

Ordained in 2001 and currently serving the parishes of Immaculate Conception, Elm Creek, NE and her missions, Holy Rosary in Overton, NE and St. John Capistran in Amherst, NE.

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