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Comment Guidelines

If your post even hints of spam, it will not make it past the spam filter. This is for the protection of all who may come upon this blog. Clicking on a link expecting something nice and then being flooded with porn  or malicious software/viruses is NOT cool…. ever!

This is a blog by a Catholic Clergyman. Hopefully that is obvious by the posts. If it is not, I have errored. I do not speak infallibly.

Comments are always welcome and encouraged. The point of the blog is to stir dialogue and build community.

The comments are moderated. People seem to think this violates their free speech. You are free to speak whatever you wish…. just not always here. Go over to Richard Dawkin’s site or MSNBC or Fox News and spew there for awhile.

Really, I wish I didn’t have to do this, but there are some people who just do not know how to play well with others. I expect negative comments, and am happy to approve them and hope that they spark intelligent conversation.

Please feel free to disagree with myself or another commenter. If there is disagreement, that means I’m doing something right, I suppose.


The “Shalts”

1. Thou shalt be courteous and respectful of myself and others.

2. Thou shalt make an effort to make full sentences and complete thoughts.

3. Thou shalt enter into conversations with integrity and with intent to communicate and not just shout.

4. Thou shalt read over your comment and think about it before you press the “post” or “send” button

5. Thou shalt have a sense of humor, or be dry and droll if you must. Regardless, do thy best to stay on topic

Now for all the “shalt nots” (if thou wish to viewith thy comment on this blog, thou shalt adhere to them)

6. Thou shalt not be rude, totally obnoxious, foul-mouthed, bigoted, racist,, nor shall hatred spew forth from thy mouth. Nor shall thee viciously and maliciously attack any person or institution.

7. If thou must disagree with the Catholic Church (and some will)

  • Thou shalt not refer to her as anything that you wouldn’t want me or anybody else to call your mother.
  • Thou shalt not resort to attacks on persons or just plain stupid statements about the Catholic Church or any other church, faith tradition, etc.
  •  Thou shalt not fall back on arguments of hatred or bigotry just for the sake of saying something when you haven’t anything worth saying. Therefore ye shalt not call the Pope a nazi for he is not. Thou shalt not refer to all priests as pedophiles, as not all are.

I thinkest thou gets the idea.


I'd love to hear what you nthink about this`!

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