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Time Magazine claims “Informed Opinions”

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The banner at Time Ideas, the online op-ed arm of Ted Turner claims “Essential Insights. Great Debates. Informed Opinions” In some cases it seems that they are none of the above. The recent Op-Ed piece by Erika Christakis is a fine example.  She seems to be locked in by the false argument that the HHS Mandate is about contraception. Contraception is a smoke-screen used by liberals and even some Catholics to support the extinction of First Amendment rights for those who have a mortal opinion opposite that of this almighty administration.

See Dcn. Bill “Will They Ever Get It Right”

“Informed opinion” goes out the window when the issue become contraception availability. Contraception has never been more readily available to even the poorest of American men and women. The liberal argument violates even the word it uses as a banner.

To “contracept” is to prevent a pregnancy. (I skipped the word unwanted, as it should be immediately evident that anyone contracepting is doing so to avoid a pregnancy that is not wanted, otherwise, why contracept?) The liberal and feminist view also lumps Plan B abortifacient and abortion itself to the idea of preventing a pregnancy. The most abhorrent use of abortion to prevent pregnancy is obvious to even the most rudimentary of logical principles. Yet by lumping it in with the pill, the value of a life created is, in there logic, annulled.  It never happened!

To suggest that the Church is unwilling to support these “unwanted children” shows a clear lack of knowledge about what the Church does in her charitable work. They do take care of them and the women that didn’t want the child and everyone else who knocks on their door. All of this, unlike the Salvation Army and many Evangelical organization, is done without an expectation to the faith.  People from all backgrounds are aided by the Church without regard to what their faith is and without expectation of a conversion to the faith.

No one who come to a Catholic Woman’s shelter is expected to go to Mass. No one who seeks a helping hand is expected to work the debt off.

That Time magazine would allow such opinion in their rag of a magazine is not a surprise.  But to suggest jail-time for bishops is just hate-speech and vile expression. Had such a thing been written of Muslims (never mind that it would never be written) may very well have led to violence like we are seeing in Afghanistan.  Oh, certainly not in the US, but in places like Afghanistan. Then the POTUS would issue a half-dozen apologies.

Mr. President, where is our apology?

If there is any doubt that the Church is in for a long and bitter repression, one need look no further than the pages of Time.

Also of note is another piece in Time entitled There is No War on Religion.  This article claims that we are “playing off the ancient fear of persecution”. Wow.

I would ask readers of this blog, that if you are offended by Time magazine, to cancel subscriptions if you have them. Hitting liberals in their wallets seems the only way to get their attention.

May I also suggest a look at this blog post: Chiling bit of idiocy in that TIME op-ed.


Author: icelmcreek

Ordained in 2001 and currently serving the parishes of Immaculate Conception, Elm Creek, NE and her missions, Holy Rosary in Overton, NE and St. John Capistran in Amherst, NE.

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